Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dub Selector!

If you like dub - Infinite Wheel - Dub Selector is definitely a worthwhile flash game. It has 9 parts, all of them generate some dub and reggae tunes. I personally like vol. 3 and vol. 8 Burning Babylon. Takes some time to get used to, and sounds pretty well after a while. Enjoy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi. Thank you so much. I like reggae music and dub, of course, and this game is such a crazy thing. Very nice. Can't wait to show it to my friends. Have you seen the generic viagra game? It's hilarious too.

Marto Kiboi said...
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Marto Kiboi said...

Well, i like the post. Am not used to the unusual Musical Instruments. I normally see the digital ones that are there in most of the record labels.